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Play online casinos and support important sponsorships!

MyGica is an expert in TV products and delivers the ultimate experience of watching on PC. You can capture, convert and watch your favorite shows whenever you like. Additionally, Mygica has a global brand that provides digital video devices at affordable prices to provide everyone with access to entertainment content through their innovative accessories for modern living rooms.

But the creation of MyGica would not have been possible without the financial support of sponsors. But thanks to the online casino Jet all the concepts to implement the ideas of digital video devices at affordable prices became possible.

But the online casino Jet is known not only for its sponsorship activities! It is also one of the most popular online casinos among players in Canada! And anyone who clicks on the link with best online casino canada can be sure of that! 

Online casino Jet differentiates from other online casinos a huge variety of games! Such as Tetris!

Tetris as a part of the whole online casino world is quite a logical move. Tetris has been around for more than three decades and we all know that it is one of the most famous video games in history. We can also agree that Tetris was fun to play back then and still remains an archetypal and very fun game.

The Jet team has taken care of that, and because Tetris is all about logical moves to fit the tiles together, it was easy for them - they could concentrate on the graphics and sound department. And give Tetris a modern day feel while still maintaining its addictive gameplay! They did not disappoint us! All in-game features are identical to the original Tetris, but graphics and sound are way better.

What is also important is that apart from Tetris there are other classic games like Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Slot Machines. You can play them in normal mode for free or practise and take a shot at getting real cash winnings !

The choice of games is not all. There are some cool extra features too, like the ability to join tournaments, compete with players around the world on Twitter and Facebook! Or chat with other gamers in-game.

There are also lots of achievements you can unlock that will allow you to increase your experience points which will days up your level. This way you will be able to unlock new features and get access to more and more games.

The Jet casino team has done a great job creating this online casino and we hope they continue in the same manner in the future. We highly recommend you checking out Jet Casino, because quality service comes with quality products! And we promise that you won't regret it!

Online casino Jet also differentiates from other online casinos and excellent customers support 24/7!High professional staff is ready to provide all the information you need in both English and Russian, that is very pleasant. Also on the web site you can find a Facebook page that works not only in English but also in German.

There are live chat, e-mail and telephone numbers of casino Jet available for customers’ questions. For convenience users of the casino are divided into VIP, ordinary players and high rollers.

To become a member of the Jet Club you will need to deposit at least one of the following currencies: US dollars, euros, yen or British pounds.

Jet Casino has created quite an unusual table that is called Grinder Index. This index calculation shows how active users of the casino really play. It also shows which games bring more profit and which do not give as much as it would be desired. To know your position in this rating, at the end of the month casinos send to each user an email with a link and code for signing up and checking Grinder Index rank.

So such a solid and honest casino can not not participate in charitable projects! Sponsorship for start-up businesses - an important part of the concept of Jet casino!

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